Why My MacBook Air Hard Drive Not Mounting?

“Hi all, I am using MacBook Air since many years. It contains lot of essential files of mine like childhood pictures, videos and important documents. Definitely something has gone wrong without my knowledge; because my hard disk is not mounting on Mac machine. Is there any possibility to recover data from not mounting Mac HDD? If yes, then please suggest a reliable method to me.”

A handy MacBook Air is definitely helpful for executing wide range of functions. But, sometimes it also brings problems when its hard drive is not mounting. As we know, hard drive is a device that mainly used to store and retrieve data on system. Due to any reason, if MacBook Air hard disk stops mounting, it can give rise to major problems like data inaccessibility or loss.

What are the reasons behind not mounting Mac hard disk?

When MacBook Air hard drive is not mounting, the reason behind it can be from physical damage to logical damage to the file system. If MacBook Air repeatedly gets terminated all of a sudden, then data inaccessibility can rise; making your disk drive unmountable on MacBook Air. Some of the common factors behind un-mountable hard drive are corruption of hard drive due to dreadful viruses, partition table on Mac systems gets damaged, hardware problems; improper usage of hard drive, Software conflicts and corruption of file system.

What should be done to overcome by this crisis?

If you are also facing such situation and want to fix it, then it’s suggested to safeguard your data first. After this, you can try format, reformat or any other methods to make it correct. So, your data will also be secured and your MacBook hard disk will also be fixed. Try Yodot Mac Data Recovery- a reliable- utility to restore MacBook Air data when it’s hard drive is not mounting on Mac machines.

How to utilize this utility to get back data?

Connect the hard drive of MacBook Air to healthy machine >> Install Yodot Mac Data Recovery from here and run the application >> Among “Volume Recovery” and “Formatted / Re-formatted Recovery” options present in main screen; select Volume Recovery Volume Recovery >> from displayed list of drives choose attached hard drive which is not mounting >> Click on Skip Skip button to initiate recovery >> Once scanning entire external hard disk, recoverable data of hard disk will appear >> Use either “File Types View” or “Data View” to see retrieved files >> Preview and ensure data recovery prior to save >> Provide a target location, where you want to save Macbook Air hard disk data

Why you must choose this tool among all?

Yodot Mac Data Recovery software ensures trouble-free and safe data recovery from your unmounted hard drive. It is the most dependable application for your Mac OS X, as it restores data not only from non-mounting hard drive; but also from inaccessible, deleted, formatted, re-formatted, re-partitioned and non-bootable Mac volumes. It supports recovery to OS X 10.5 and onwards version including the latest Mac OS X 10.112 (Sierra). Also its read-only feature keeps the original data intact hence, ensures secure data restoration.