Easy Way to Get Back Deleted Files From Windows XP

Unintentional file deletion is one among majorly heard problem from system users. However, there is no such a thing to worry after all, as there is a way out to get back all erased files.

Let us briefly go through what are the chances that leads to data deletion scenarios and how effectively you can get them back with right sort of recovery solution.

Files may get delete on Windows XP when:

  • Performed Shift+Delete operation
  • Hitting Delete button accidentally
  • Power surge when working on a file, leads to file not found error upon restart
  • Interruptions during cut-paste action
  • Cleared Recycle Bin items

There could be more scenarios where user faces file deletion situations. At this stage, if a backup copy is available then you don’t have to worry, but usually we don’t practice backing up all data present in system. But it is indeed a good practice to maintain safe backup of important files so that you can be carefree when such incidents occur.

Since most of times its unintended deletion and you don’t even find your file in Bin. This could surely create some sort of disturbance. You may think there involves lot of effort to get those erased files back. Stop right there, you don’t have to take any more burden, there is a deleted file restoration tool for Windows XP called Yodot File Recovery that will make this job for you at your command.

What this program can do?

Yodot tool is designed with well-equipped recovery algorithm that scans your entire system drive and puts forth required files that were deleted. You can search for a particular file with search feature, that instantly finds specified file with help of unique file signatures.

If you have doubt whether this tool is capable of retrieving type of file that you are looking for, then let this be clear. It can support any of your file formats, it can be your text documents, spreadsheets, images, audio, video, email etc. For example – .doc,.docx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlt, .txt, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .htm, .html, .vor, .stf, .rtf, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .mp3, .mp4, .mpeg, .pst, .dbx and lot more.

Users have found it as an easy-to-use application, you don’t need extra skills to run this tool. Any new user can handle it without any difficulty. In case, if customer needs any help then technical team will provide assistance.

Running file recovery tool on Windows XP system

Step 1: You can simply -> get here the tool to download on your XP system

Step 2: Begin to install after download gets complete

Step 3: Start the application. You see a main window where you need to click on Deleted File Recovery button

Step 4: Next screen asks you to choose the drive location from where files are deleted. Mark the drive and hit on Next

Step 5:  Program starts scanning deleted files and upon completion of scan process, it displays all recoverable files from that drive

Step 6:   You can now mark the files that you want to restore using one of below view pattern:

  • File Type View
  • Data View

Step 8: Preview whether restored file is exactly what you want. Then browse location in your system where file needs to be saved

Note: Apart from Windows XP all latest Windows versions are supported by this software including Windows Server 2008 and 2003 editions.