How to Recover Lost Photos from Micro SD Card on Phone?

Micro SD cards are mainly used to extend storage capacity of phones. However, with increased usage of it, unexpected disaster like data loss has also started taking place frequently. Even if you take every precaution to avoid such incidents; it may still take place unpredictably. In that case, recovery software is the only one which can be used to rescue them from phone. Let’s discuss a real-time scenario on it;

“Please help me!!!  I ran into a critical problem by losing important pictures from my Phone’s micro SD card. Few days back, I went on vacation, where I captured dozen of pictures from my phone. Later on, I connected Micro SD card to my laptop for transferring those photos on it. While doing so, I used Cut and paste operations but before the process could get complete, system shutdown all of a sudden. Later, when power resumed, many of my files were disappeared from card. Now, I want my missing pictures back from phone’s memory card, please suggest me some ways to extract images from it.”

Likewise, there are many other cases that could cause loss of images. Some of them are:

  • While transferring pictures phone get turned off
  • Loss of virus infected images by antivirus program
  • Detaching the phone connecting cable or memory card  while data transfer is in process

When files become disappeared due to any of the above instances, it doesn’t mean that those files are lost forever. All the data/information still resides in same memory location until and unless you put any new data on to that place. There are many third party applications available using which, recovery of missing information from your phone can be possible. One such recovery program has been mentioned in this article as well, Consider reading next part of this page to know more about that solution.

Software to restore missing images from Phone’s memory card:

To achieve complete photo recovery from phone Micro SD card, you can make use of Yodot Photo Recovery tool. It’s the most reliable and effective picture retrieval program used for getting back lost photos from Micro SD card on phone. This application is loaded with efficient scanning methodologies; which has ability to restore pictures, videos, RAW image files and audios from memory cards used on mobile phones, digital cameras, camcorders, MP3 players, and many other external storage devices. The tool can also perform recovery of various photo file formats i.e. jpeg, jpg, bmp, tiff, gif, tiff, img, pic, dng, cr2, crw, arw, orf, mrw, raw, pef, raf, etc. from memory cards. Along with pictures, it can also restore audios, video files, RAW images and many other documents from Micro SD and other memory card types (such as SDHC, SDXC, Mini SD, CF, MMC, XQD) manufactured by SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, Lexar, Sony, Samsung, etc. Moreover, this outstanding picture retrieval software can be used to bring back data in lost as well as erased file case. It is compatible to work on various Windows OS versions like Windows 10, Windows 8.X, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003.

Instructions to retrieve pictures from phone’s Micro SD card:

Connect your Phone’s Micro SD card to a healthy Windows computer via card reader >> Now, visit this page to get access of Yodot Photo Recovery software on Windows system >> Install and run the utility to start recovery >> In main screen, select “Lost Photo Recovery” option to retrieve missing images >>Pick the drive that represent externally connected Micro SD card on system >> Software starts to scan the drive for disappeared photos >> Once scanning of selected drive gets complete, a list of recovered files will be displayed on the screen >> Make your selection for required files with the help of Data view / File Type view display >> Next, select a destination location on system to save the recovered files and hit “Save” button

Why my SD Card is Not Showing on Laptop?

“Hello everybody, I need your immediate assistance. I attached my SD card to Windows laptop for transferring some data. Even after waiting for long time, SD card didn’t get detected on system. All precious memories that we took on our last vacation was saved on that SD card. I want to save copy of those data but now SD card is not showing up on my laptop at all. What to do? Data on SD card is very important for me, so suggest me some ways to retrieve data from it. Thanks in Advance.”

You must be curious about why these SD cards refuse to show up on system. Then, your answer is here;

  • SD card corruption due to various reasons
  • Improper usage of SD memory card
  • Interruptions during file transfer on SD card
  • Unexpectedly terminating system when SD card was in use

Solution to come out from SD card data crisis: 

If you are facing unrecognized SD card problem, then detach it and plug it again on another USB port or another system. Even then, if your card didn’t get detected, then you better opt for third party recovery tool.

Data from undetected SD card can be recovered by relying on a powerful recovery application available namely, Yodot Photo Recovery. It is well known card recovery tool which specially designed and developed to retrieve data from memory cards, computer hard drive, external hard drive, flash drive, iPods, etc. This application has the ability to restore missing or deleted media files i.e. photos, RAW pictures, videos and music files, etc. from all the above mentioned devices. This tool makes it possible to bring back files from unrecognized SD card on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista, Server 2003 and Server 2008 OS versions.

Step-wise instructions for extracting data from undetected SD card

First of all, attach your SD card to healthy laptop >> Scroll here to download this tool >> Install and run this program by following on-screen instructions >> Select second option i.e. “Lost Photo Recovery” >> Further, click on partition, which represent your SD card that needs to be recovered and click “Next” button >> Allow software to start scanning>> After successful scan, you can view list of rescued data in two views like “Data View” and “File Type view” >> Then, click on “Preview” to check whether the files are retrieved properly or not >> Finally, save all extracted SD card data on a destination file location

Phone Internal Memory Data Recovery Software


As usage of phones are extensive, both internal and removable memory are well-utilized by the users. This prominent usage has made a way for the phone users to lose their files at various occasions. To this, many mobile phone users have faced problems with deletion and file loss in the internal memory. Losing vital files cannot be simply ignored. Internal memory can upholds contact information, messages, applications, media files and lot other stuff.


It may seem complicated to recover all your internal data as it comprise of various types of files. But the truth is, you can get them easily within few clicks. You need to strictly avoid using phone as it could overwrite on the data that you are looking for and result in permanent data loss. You can make a smart move by using Yodot Photo Recovery toolkit which is a phone internal memory data recovery software.


Features of internal memory file recovery tool


Ease-of-use:  You need not be a technical expert to use this tool, any users can comfortably handle it.


  • Lost or deleted files: Tool is built with advanced routines that can bring back deleted or lost files without any issues


  • RAW search utility: If you are looking for recovery of particular type of file then this feature would be of utmost help. It uses unique file signatures and makes retrieval even faster.


  • File support: It has got a great support to all major file types of audio, pictures, videos, documents, raw files and other formats.


  • Device support: In addition to internal phone memory it works well with removable external memory (SD card), pen drives, hard drives, CF card, MMC’s and other smart media devices.


  • Operating System Support: Windows compatibility includes all the versions- Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 editions.


  • Free trail: Check out the trail version of the tool and experience recovery process before purchasing.


  • Safe to use: Running this application on your system will not cause any sort of damage to any of your phone resources as well as to the data. Also it is 100% virus free


  • Preview files: Prior completion of recovery process you will be able to preview retrieved files and ensure that recovery is in the right direction


  • View files: The application lets users to choose a pattern to present extracted files from your storage. Tool comes with two types of patterns- “File Type View” and “Data View”



Steps to get back data from internal phone storage:


Step 1: Connect your phone to a healthy Windows system via USB cable


Step 2: Visit the link -> Download to get recovery program


Step 3: Carry out installation as directed and start using application


Step 4: Main window provides you two different options namely Deleted Photo Recovery or Lost Photo Recovery. Go with appropriate one


Step 5: from the list of displayed drives select phone internal memory and click on Next button


Step 6: Tool begins to scan your internal storage and presents all recoverable data


Step 7:  Choose either Data View or File Type View as per your convenience


Step 8: Preview retrieved internal phone data and save it in a safe zone



Note: For safer side, always maintain a backup of your important files of your internal phone storage – Install trustworthy anti-virus program – Carefully perform deletion operations

How to Get Back Deleted Go pro Videos?

“Recently I have deleted my favorite collection of videos from GoPro while erasing unwanted stuff. I read such types of problems in many forums. But one thing I notice here is we can recover deleted GoPro videos for sure. So can anyone help me by suggesting a possible method to retrieve videos from GoPro?”

Due to human mis operation, one may erase their videos files on Gopro camera. Deleted videos will resides in the memory card until it overwritten by new one.

Here we listed few common scenarios of erasing videos on GoPro:

  • Erasing videos when GoPro camera is connected to system
  • Using same GoPro camera card on multiple device
  • Removing memory card abruptly from memory card
  • Un intentionally formatting memory card of Gopro will deletes entire videos from it
  • Unexpectedsystem shutdown during transfer process when GoPro card is attached to system
  • Recording videos when card is full or when camera is running with low battery

In such instance you may lose or you might delete your video gallery on GoPro digital camera. To regain videos back you can go with the third party tool called Yodot Photo Recovery application.

How to Get Back Deleted GoPro Videos?

Here is a solution to get back deleted GoPro videos on Windows system with the help of Yodot Photo Recovery application. You can retrieve lost videos from GoPro camera. You can restore videos and photos from GoPro HD Hero 3, GoPro Hero 2 HD, GoPro Hero, HD Hero 960, Digital Hero 5, HD Surf Hero, HD Helmet HERO, etc. It is  non-destructive and read-only Photo recovery utility that helps you to rescue lost, deleted media files from GoPro without any hassle.It can retrieve videos from storage devices like hard drives (internal as well as external), memory cards, USB drives, iPods, etc. with ease. This photo recovery utility works well on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and 2003 OS based computers/laptops.

Way to get back videos files on GoPro

Connect GoPro camera to Windows system->Click here to download Yodot Photo Recovery application to that system->Install and launch with simple main screen procedure->opt “Deleted Photo Recovery” option->Now you can see the drives associated with system->Select the drives, click on “Next” button->Software starts scanning on the selected drive->As soon as scanning process get completed, you can view the recovered view in two forms “Data and File type view”->Finally save the result in desired location.