Thermal imaging cameras

Thermal imaging cameras are sophisticated device which will translate the thermal energy (heat) into visible light. This camera will process the captured image and display it on a screen. These pictures can be processed through specialized software for further evaluation, accuracy and report output. By using this camera you can get the images which is showing variance of the temperature of a surface.

Visible light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum which we can see. This light will take small area in the electromagnetic spectrum as well as in infrared radiation (IR).

Most of the object will absorbs, reflect and transmit the energy at different levels. At different rates, various materials will give off heat or cold energy. This energy can be detected by infrared equipment and displayed as images.

Uses and application of thermal imaging cameras:

This camera mainly developed for military purposeHowever, now it is used in many fields as well as it is used by firefighters, law enforcement, investigate crime scenes, power line maintenance, Physiological activities etc.

Thermal imaging camera’s features:

This camera provides useful features which can read the temperature of the fixed center crosshairs on the display or it allows the user to select multiple moveable crosshairs. You can compare the pictures with respect temperatures such as high, low and average on the display. By using this camera user can select the multiple color palettes, such as black/white, iron or rainbow.

Iron plate: It is used by home inspectors

Black/white palette: It will helps you to identify the details on an image

Rainbow palette: It show the differences in temperature

Let us discuss few essential features of thermal imaging camera:

  • A color alarm feature will allows the user to select a temperature. This camera will display a color thermal image that is either above or below the selected temperature.
  • A picture-in-picture feature will display a color thermal image inside a standard digital image
  • By using fusion or blending feature can blend either the maximum, minimum or average temperature of the thermal image with a standard digital image.

Exiftool and an independent GPS tracklog: to geo-tag all your photos

In research and consultancy field, photographs play a vital role. They are component of data accumulation method and the only means of landscape proof like strange species and illicit disposal.

Geo-tagging is nothing but including geographical identification metadata to media like photos, video, websites, SMS messages and RSS feeds. The data usually consist of latitude and longitude along with altitude, distance, accuracy, data and place names. All photos come with connected metadata file and the familiar format is EXIF. We can see the holdings of a photograph, under “details” tab: like focal length, f-stop and shutter speed, make and model of camera and captured time.

You can automatically geo-tag photos if your camera is either inbuilt with GPS option or have to install from GPS accessory. Now a day’s cell phones come with geo tag option but what is the chance if you don’t have such gadget and you need to geo tag a batch of several photos? Even you can’t manually do them all in Picasa or Google Earth.

In these situations, we can make use of various software utilities which are available online. The one which I suggest is ExifTool. Also I will give you idea about how to use ExifTool to geo tag all your photos at a time using isolated GPS track files.

The ExifTool website supports comprehensive guidance for variety of functions that can be done with the tool. This is a command line tool that means you need to go into the command line window of your computer. The ExifTool website illustrates exactly how to use the tool, but you might need to know a bit about primary things before you get started.

Note: The below mentioned instructions  applies only to Windows

1) Download the ExifTool.exe file and place it in your C:\windows directory
2) Open the Command line (go to windows search, type “CMD” and the window will open)
3) In the command line, change directory to your path. That should be “C:\users\name”(example “C:\users\alan”)
4) Now you’re ready to use the ExifTool in the command line.


Geo-tag your photos:

To geo-tag photos, you need a GPX track file from your GPS. If were working in the field with a GPS, and the track log is running, you can download the GPX file. Rely upon the date that you saved the file, it should have a filename like TRACK_2015_11_07 123423.gpx. You need at least one or two reference photographs – photos which you know the exact location of the image. You need to apply a GPS time stamp to the photo (separate from the camera’s time stamp), which is explained below. Remember the filename of the reference photo (e.g.SAM_1603.jpg).

For now, I’ve been taking the occasional picture of my GPS itself, with a reference point marked. I regularly do this to rapidly provide a reference for a photograph of a key location/object. So when I see a rare animal, I’ll photograph that and then mark the location of my GPS and take snapshot of the screen of GPS instantly. This helps to integrate GPS points with photographs using ExifTool: which I will get into that next.

The other way for integrating photos is by selecting 1 picture   for which you know exact location and then catch that location on your GPX tracks or reference points.(just upload the GPX file to Google Earth, select the spot where the photo was taken, and pick the nearest track point ) note the reference point name and number.

                                Untitled Untitled

1) restore your GPX file to the same directory where you are working in the command line .Change the name of the file to something simple like “track_log.gpx”
2) Move your folder with the images to the same directory. We’ll call the folder “project_photos” (the underscore keeps things simple in the command line)
3) Open your GPX file in a text editor, like Notepad. You will see a screen of text showing all the points.


All you need to know is that each waypoint opens with <wpt> and closes with </wpt>. If you are using track points, the tags will open and close with <trkpt> and </trkpt>.
4) So find the name of your reference point. It will be between the “name” tags, like this: <name>ABCD</name>.
To avoid conflict copy and paste the complete waypoint into a blank text editor: example
<wptlat=”-23.126471″ lon=”27.980537″><ele>826.274414</ele><time>2016-02-23T12:13:21Z</time><name>234</name><sym>Pin, Green</sym></wpt>

If you look at the line, you will see that there is a rich data. The latitude, longitude, elevation, date and time, name of the waypoint and what symbol is used to represent the waypoint on your GPS. The one piece of information that is related to next step is the time; this waypoint was recorded on 23 February 2016 at 12:13:21 UTC.

5) In the command line, type exiftool -gpstimestamp=”12:13:21″ c:\users\alan\project_photos\GPS_234.jpg
The ExifTool enforced the GPS time stamp to the image. Now your image has two important data: 1) the time recorded by the camera 2) the time recorded by the GPS at the same location and time.

6) In the command line, write
exiftool -geosync=”c:\users\alan\project_photos\GPS_234.jpg” -geotag track_log.gpx “c:\users\alan\project_photos”

This tells the tool to use your reference image to isolate the camera and GPS times (-geosync) and then enter locations from the track log to all the images in the folder (-geotag)

Now ExifTool will apply the Geo tag to every image in the folder.

7) Check the precision of one or two reference photos, where you know the correct GPS matches. Right-click on the related image, click on “properties” and then on “Details” tab. Scroll down until you see the GPS coordinates. They will be presented in Deg min sec format. Refer to the locations of those images and see whether they are accurate or not.

You should be careful about gaps in the GPS log. In case you switched your GPS off and took some photos on the way, those photos may be inexactly geo tagged., with the Geo-tag window open Scan your photos with Picasa, and check whether they appear correct or not. If not, you have to do some troubleshooting or remove the incorrect images from the folder.

If they are accurate, then you are done. You can move back all your project files and folders to your project folder. However, there is one more step that you may find useful – providing a map of all of your images.

Map images in Google Earth:

 1) Create a new folder for the images you want to include in your report/on your map, and copy/drag selected images to the new folder
2) Place the new folder in the c:\users\name directory
3) Copy and paste the creating a GPX track log text into a text editor from the ExifTool geotag page.  Save the file in the same directory as your photos, as kml.fmt 
4) Type
exiftool -p kml.fmt “c:\users\alan\image_folder” > out.kml
the tool will generate a kml file in the same directory, which you can show in Google earth with the file names of each image as labels.




Solar Powered Samsung Cell Phone



There are different types of Samsung cell phone models are available on the market which ranging from basic handsets to top-of-the-line Galaxy smartphones.

The World’s first solar-powered Samsung cell phone was released in 2009. It was called as the Samsung Guru E1107. This solar cell is built into its back plate, as it is exposed to sunlight it will start generating electricity which means that recharging the phone’s battery. By absorbing solar energy cell phone get charged. This cell phone is playing important role in the market. This phone will is mainly in some areas where power outages were a frequently low.

The Guru E1107 only solar cell phone made by Samsung. Later in 2009, it released the Samsung Blue Earth, which also featured a solar cell on its back – an hour of sunlight was converted into 10 additional minutes of talk time. Unlike the Guru, the Samsung Blue Earth offered a handful of advanced features, such as access to the web, YouTube, and social networks. It could connect to the internet over Wi-Fi or 3G, while a GPS radio enabled location services. Marketed as an eco-friendly product, the phone was built of recycled materials and came in a recycled cardboard box that doubled as a stand.

Strategies to Help Small Businesses to Build a Storage and Backup


The present businesses generate more data than ever before. IT has never been more critical to the success of a small business. Though small businesses backup and storage strategy has not caught up with their more universal use of computers. This can be because of confusion about various storage options or due to lack of knowledge about the insufficiency of the old paradigm of occasional batch. Instead of outline fixed strategies, this page will highlights the most common storage solutions and shows how they can be combined to the right storage for your business.

Most Common Data Storage Solutions:

  • Direct Attached Storage:

Direct attached storage or DAS refers to the devices that are connected directly to a PC or server by using a USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 peripherals port.

  • Network attached storage:

NAS or Network Attached Storage is a device which connects directly to the network. It has the feature of attendant capabilities of a file server which accepts multiple storage drives.

  • Disaster protected storage:

As the name suggests, Disaster protected storage or DAS is the hardened against the type of disasters which would have easily destroyed unprotected data.

  • Online storage:

Online Storage is developed to help consumers and businesses store or back up data in the cloud. The services like MozyPro and SpiderOak are desighned specially to serve businesses for data backup.

  • Private Cloud:

If you are not comfortable with their crucial data in the hands of any third party public cloud vendors, for that some enterprises have taken to building privates version of cloud services for gaining some the inherent benefits of electricity and flexibility.

  • Offline Media:

Offline Media is understood to be tape drives, however optical media such as DVD and Blue-Ray discs are rarely used for the purpose of offline data backup..;

ACDelco- Your Car’s Doctor

You all might have experienced the number of problems while using cars. Very often it happens that, cars will not run efficiently or smoothly. In order to keep your car healthy, you must treat it with needed attention. We need to take car preventative maintenance steps especially in winter. To keep your car healthy, make use of ACDelco.


Whenever a new baby take birth, it will arrive happy and healthy. In the same way, when a GM car come out of factory, it is equipped or outfitted with original and authentic ACDelco parts. It includes from battery to windshield wipers, vehicles from GM have original equipment from ACDelco.

However, after reaching some age people or thing has to pay attention on preventative maintenance. There are some situation arise where in, extra preventative steps also not enough for car. Cars doesn’t often age gracefully, especially when you treat it badly. So in order to extend your vehicle’s life you need to take care of it in a better manner.

For this it is recommended to take help of ACDelco. If you have the GM vehicle, then you can easily find the service center using the online service center locator. Simply enter your zip code and locate a professional ACDelco service center near you. And what about its battery? It is very difficult when your car battery is damaged.

Having a good and trustable battery is a basic necessity during the winter. So, no matter if you have a GM vehicle or not, you must get your car battery checked often and get replaced if needed. You can take it to the ACDelco service center for that. I like to inform you that, ACDelco batteries come with a “free replacement” limited warranty.

On the ACDelco website you can review some of their tips for maintaining vehicles which are very important during winter and rainy season. One of the thing to remember is you need to change your car oil regularly, oil filter helps your vehicle to run smoothly. ACDelco can help in all the vehicle related things, it can be from authentic GM Original Equipment to locating the closest professional ACDelco service center.  Use these and keep your car healthy.

Few Thunderbird Add-Ons that can help you in accessing emails

img3FileThunderbird has become a name that can’t be forgotten easily but one of the greatest reason behind its popularity is its advanced Add-ons. This email client works very well in managing emails and facilitates with various add-ons that add more functionality in it. this finest email client is free for Mozilla firefox users.
Here is some highlighted Thunderbird add-on that make it better than other email clients:

Thunder browse
It facilitates you to click on links within emails and quickly display in a browser within Thunderbird. It provides various options, which can help you in controlling and customizing Windows behavior when you click the URL, the web page will appear in the lower pane where you would typically see the email preview.

Remove Duplicate Messages

In some cases, users are keeping more than one accounts so all comes into one email client, which increases the chances of duplicity. So, to come out from such situations, Thunderbird introduces Remove Duplicate Messages add-on. It helps you to quickly trace and eliminate duplicate messages from the selected folders and its subfolders.
To keep your account free of a duplicate message, first configure add-on and compare subject, author or text- body then set it up to remove the first duplicate that it finds. After this, right click on required account that you want to clean and select “Remove Duplicate Messages” option.

Mailbox Alert
In the cell phone, you can assign a different ringtone to different callers. Similarly, with Mailbox Alert add-on, you can do the exactly same. It lets you set up a different Alert and Notification setup based on which account receives message. To get this app, just install it -> right click on account folder, and choose “Mailbox Alert” option. Apart from customized message and sound, you can also add-on launch a command, whenever mail arrives.

The impressive functionality of this add-on is the biggest reasons behind the popularity of Thunderbird. It displayed topic in timeline with an intersecting color-coded visual display, which makes it different from other email clients. So, it’s easier for user to identified each sender by color.

Display Mail User Agent
It helps you to know extra information about the sender of emails like which email client has used by sender to send emails or to know about newly added user agent to header information in email tool and many more. So, to get all information install this add-on in your system.

6 Solutions To the problems that you are facing with Microsoft surface 4 pro

Microsoft surface 4 pro is a latest tablet, which can replace the features in laptop. It can run your desktop software. It is powered by Windows 10 with loads of new features for security, personalization and productivity. The following are some of the features of this pro:

  • Mobile workstation
  • Markup web pages
  • Limitless apps
  • Auto-focus real facing camera

Even though it is having best features than other tablets, but it is having some problems. Here the list of problems, users are facing with pro:

  • Touch screen is not responding
  • Screen is not rotating
  • Screen is blinking or flittering
  • Battery is draining faster than before
  • Is your pro unable to switch on
  • Wi-Fi is not connecting

If you are facing above problems then you can get solution for all these problems

Touch screen is not responding?


  • If you are unable to process touch commands, then just restart your surface by using keyboard
  • If the entire pro is hanged, then try to shut down it by clicking power button for 30 seconds. When it is turned off, just hold the Volume-up and power keys for 15 seconds, release the buttons. Switch on the pro after 10-15 seconds

Screen is not rotating?


  • If your screen is not rotating, open action center and check whether screen rotation lock button is on or off
  • If you didn’t find the button, then remove your type cover keyboard and attach it again

Screen is blinking or flittering?


  • One of the most effective solution is to disable Hyper-V, a visual feature that may turn on accidentally. Steps to disable Hyper-V:
  • Open command prompt[DOS]
  • Paste the command “exe /Online /Disable-Feature:Microsoft-Hyper-V
  • Press Enter
  • This will stops your screen from blinking

Battery is draining faster than before?


  • If your battery drains faster try to update the pro
  • To update, go to start menu
  • Select settings
  • Choose update and security
  • Choose check for updates
  • If the updates found just install and restart your pro
  • Your pro will be busy for 30 minutes to update
  • Please be patient to restart it

Is your pro unable to switch on?


  • Check power connections, charging cable to know if there is any damage
  • If the power source is fine, but it is refusing to on, then try force restart by clicking the power button for 30 seconds. Do this while your pro is plugged in

Wi-Fi is not connecting?


  • The most generic method used to fix Wi-Fi problem is just resetting the wireless router by using reset button or unplugging the router
  • If the problems is with surface pro, then try the basic steps
  • Go to start menu
  • Choose settings
  • Go to network and internet
  • Make sure the airplane mode is off
  • Go to Wi-Fi
  • Make sure the wireless capabilities turned on
  • If you are unable to find Wi-Fi settings, then try windows update and then restart it
  • If nothing helps you, just try these:
  • Open Windows search by pressing Windows+F keys
  • Search for network troubleshooter
  • Select identify and repair network problems

Know More About Accessibility Features Of Mac OS X

Many of you don’t know latest accessibility features of Apple’s computer; to know and understand the accessibility features of Mac OS X go through this page.

  1. Universal Access

Apple’s new Mac OS X Tiger (10.4) is built with Universal Access which is located in the System Preferences panel. This System Preferences also has handy speech tool which has needful text to speech and speech recognition technology.

To get Universal Access, Go to Dock which is located at the bottom of the screen and choose System Preferences-> Universal Access.

Just below the Universal Access screen, you will find a checkbox for Enabling access for assistive devices. By checking this box, applications can easily access information about other applications running the Mac machine, for example size, name, location, menus and buttons.

  1. Seeing

This tab provides three options which are, VoiceOver, Zoom and Display. VoiceOver option is very helpful for blind users with its Speaking voice feature which helps to navigate around system reading menu items and texts.

Zoom panel option to zoom in or zoom out on the Mac’s display. This feature is switched on or off by pressing on 2 radio buttons or else by clicking command and alt and t at a time on the keyboard.

  1. Listening:

This feature is helpful for users who have difficulties in hearing. User can set the Mac flash to the screen instead of beeping to aware you under System Preferences ->Universal Access -> Hearing. Actually there are two components which are helpful for users with physical disabilities and those are Keyboard options panel and Mouse options panel.

  1. Keyboard:

For those who have difficulty in using normal keyboard, Mac is equipped with 2 new features called Sticky Keys and Slow Keys. Sticky keys helps user to push one button at the time to use the modified keys for making stroke combinations without physically holding more keys at a time.  Slow key helps users who has reduced motor control who might hit wrong keys accidentally.

  1. Mouse:

Mouse keys have been developed for users who have trouble using a mouse but can use keyboard. When Mouse key is turned on, using the arrow keys cursor can be used on numeric keypad. You can move the cursor vertically, horizontally or even diagonally.

  1. Speech Recognition settings and commands:

On the Speakable Items and go to System Preferences-> speech-> Speech Recognition. For speech recognition commands, click on Commands tab then as per Mac response allow the user to configure settings for spoken commands.

Five Finest and Free E-mail Clients

E-mail client handles your emails in a great way to organized and free up time. There are plenty of free email clients are available in the market. Thunderbird, eM Client, Windows Live Mail, Outlook and Incredimail are normally considered as best email clients. Go through this article to get basic knowledge about email clients; let us discuss one by one briefly.


Thunderbird is developed by Mozilla organization and it is free open source POP and IMAP email client come up with plenty of advanced features. Thunderbird makes emails better for you; this mail account setup wizard starts easily and provides quick access address book. So that it facilitates different look for Mozilla Firefox.

eM Client:

eM client is most popular and fully optimized email client for Windows OS. It supports webmail as well as POP3 and IMAP. This program offers emails, tasks, calendars, contacts and many also we can find any of them in seconds with fast search. This is one of the best looking email client available for Windows.

Windows Live Mail:

Windows Live Mail handles all your email accounts and it is very easy to setup.  It allows quick email views, drag and drop options, quick reply, delete, print or manage folders. It is simple, neatly designed e-mail program available for Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.


Microsoft Outlook is a well-known personal information manager used to configure mail account data on Windows system. The modern user interface of Outlook email client is fairly simple to use. Its increased number of features such as email management, contact management, contact management, security and more makes Outlook as a top choice of users.


Incredimail is best email client that supports both IMAP and POP3 webmail accounts. It is designed with advanced toolbar, Photo Mail Maker, animated email notifiers and emotions and many more features. It’s really fun and very easy to work with Incredimail.

Apart from above mentioned programs there are numerous email clients are available for the user. The email client enables you to send and receive emails easily and effectively and also provides flexible user interface. Hope this article helps you to understand basics about best and free email clients.